Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Why Does My Rabbit Bark My Rabbit Has Eaten Pine Needles And Bark, Will She Be Okay?

My Rabbit Has Eaten Pine Needles And Bark, Will She Be Okay? - why does my rabbit bark

I yearn for toxic for rabbits, but if you cut the branches of our Christmas tree, it seems some of them was pleasant and we did not understand.
My rabbit has since been eating all the bark on one side, and I think he ate some of the needles. The piece is about 3 inches long and not very thick.
Is he right?
Please reply as soon as possible, if possible.
thank you x


Anonymous said...

Most if not all evergreen trees / plants are poisonous to rabbits.
The rabbits eat the bark of course, against all kinds of trees, so that might not be so difficult. Its leaves can. Try to feed your haystack, distribute poisons. And some greens would also be useful.

In case of problems, drink like lethargy, foaming at the mouth to get to a vet. It should be good, just keep an eye on them.

I hope this helps and is doing well, xxx

Anonymous said...

I got this http://www.rabbit.org
"When you start your Christmas tree will not be treated (with Delay fire, pesticides, etc.), or painted, then it must note chew safely. You know that natural chemicals may in some conifers, the urine of rabbits in turn cause more orange than usual, but not a health problem.

If you want to see, was also treated with care and leave if he / she starts in all the "rare" I work Receivers him to the vet to make sure that nothing goes wrong.

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